⇛ Kiddoz has best-in-class curriculum developed by our curriculum development team
⇛ The best infrastructure preschool in your area.
⇛ The teachers-child ration ensures that each child is given individual attention.
⇛ Affordable fee structure.
⇛ Our education model revolve around “inquiry based learning and” 3C approach” which means ‘Character, Competence and Content, ensuring holistic education to the child.
⇛ We develop confident young learners
⇛ Celebration of festivals.
⇛ The paly equipment and the material used are ideal for young children’s learning.
⇛ Comprehensive reading and writing readiness program
⇛ Emphasis on creative arts like, Music, Dance, Art & Craft etc.
⇛ Active Parent involvement in the growth of the child.
⇛ CCTV cameras for safety & Better monitoring by the principal / management.
⇛ Regular feedback sessions done with parents to keep them updated on the child’s progress.
⇛ A place to develop skills, concepts, positive attitudes and values.